Study of God’s Word, by Elder Carolyn F. Talley 

Elder Carolyn F. Talley’s new book “A Study of God’s Word” carefully explains the new birth and much more. God wants you to know what the Bible teaches.  This book is an excellent tool for new Christians and a teaching tool for mature Christians.  A must have for your Christian library.
Spiritual Gifts Based Ministry: 
A Progressive Shift in Ministry Structure, a new book from Elder David Jones
This book informs the reader of the importance of Christians allowing the Holy Spirit to be their guide to Godliness rather than the wisdom of man or unproductive methods of traditionalism.

A gift-based ministry is a ministry structure that is led and driven by men and women who utilize their God given spiritual gifts to serve God through the body of Christ. This type of ministry has a pastor or shepherd at the helm, but the work of the ministry is performed by members of the church who have been gifted by God to serve in their various positions of offices in the church.