Bishop Reginald S. Hinton, Sr.

Since November 1982, Bishop Reginald S. Hinton, Sr. has served as pastor of the Mount Pisgah Harnett Church. His relationship with the church began when he was asked to serve as the guest preacher for the Young People’s Christian League (YPCL) on fourth Sundays and he began preaching for the youth on the fourth Sunday in December 1981. 
Bishop Hinton believes that God bestowed the pastoral mantle on him and he has wholeheartedly embraced his place of service in the kingdom of God.  It is important to him that God’s people are properly nourished and nurtured as they become what God has called them to be.  He is very aware that he is shepherd of God’s people and is committed to providing the level of care expected for God’s children.  He believes that the seeds of faith should be planted in children at an early age and then watered through the loving care given by those who know the Lord. 
People are at the heart of ministry and Bishop Hinton is convinced that God expects His people to invest in the lives of others, moving beyond their comfort zones to impact lives in a positive manner.  The church is the visible representative of the Lord Jesus Christ and the actions of its leaders should reflect this reality.  To the greatest degree possible, Bishop Hinton desires that each member reflect Christ in whatever they do.  He also is committed to being an example to the body of Christ and the world at large.
Bishop Hinton bases his ministry on his abiding faith in God.  He is convinced that where there is vision there is provision and where God guides, He always provides.  He has seen God do some incredible things in the ministry at Mount Pisgah Harnett.  God has added to the church such as be saved and has allowed the church to grow spiritually, numerically, and physically.  It is the continued trust in God that sustains him through the challenges that pastoral ministry brings.

His life is enriched by the relationship that he enjoys with the love his life, First Lady Janet Hinton, who has been his life partner since June 10, 1978.  They are blessed with a wonderful son, Elder Reginald S. Hinton, Jr., a daughter-in-love, Ebony Angel Hinton, and a precious granddaughter, Kennedy Elaine Hinton.  He is thankful for his siblings and their families that have been a source of strength in his life.  He has several spiritual daughters including, Audra Henry, Quanika McMillan, Iris McKoy and Christy Douglas.  He also has several spiritual sons that he holds dear.