Where Can I Serve?

Jesus told us, his disciples, to make disciples of all nations.  One of the most important values of Mount Pisgah Harnett Original Free Will Baptist Church is our mission to the world.  It begins in our own community, and spreads overseas to every nation.  Mount Pisgah Harnett members are involved in a variety of ministries from things as simple as washing the church vehicles, to preparing the church bulletins, each part supplying the whole.

Archives Committee

Responsible for gathering and compiling accurate records of the church’s history.

Bible Study

Bible study is held on Wednesday evenings, and it is an opportunity for church and community members to increase their knowledge of the scriptures and to mature in their walk with the Lord.  Classes are held for adults and youth.  The first Wednesday night of each month is designated as Family Prayer Night.

Children’s Bible Time

Children’s Bible Time is a brief presentation normally scheduled during morning worship on the fourth Sunday.  Children’s Bible Time encourages youth participation, using biblical stories and doctrine catered to our youth.


The choirs consist of men, women, and children of all ages, singing praises unto God.  They inspire and enhance the worship service, special occasions, and represent the church at different functions.

  • Mass Choir – Practice is held on Friday nights before the first Sunday of each month.  The Mass Choir sings each first Sunday and on special occasions.
  • Male Chorus – Practice is held on Thursday nights before the third Sunday of each month.  The Male Chorus sings the third Sunday in each month.
  • Senior Choir – Practice is held on Tuesday nights before the second Sunday of each month.  The Senior Choir sings the second Sunday in each month.
  • Youth Choir – Practice is held every third and fourth Saturday of each month.  The Youth Choir sings the fourth Sunday in each month.

Church Greeters

Church Greeters create a welcoming environment for members and visitors.  They will assist any individual who needs aid prior to entrance or exit from service.

Deacon Ministry

Our Deacon Ministry assists the pastor in leading our church family and in responding to the needs for benevolence in the neighboring community.

Educational/ Library Committee

The Educational/Library Committee promotes and enhances the education of the adults and youth of the church and community.  The primary responsibility is to ensure financial aid is available for those individuals seeking to further their education.  This committee offers programs and activities to increase the participant’s knowledge in areas of their lives that promote self-esteem, dignity, and advancement in their intellectual abilities.

First Aid

The First Aid Committee assists people with health emergencies that occur during church services.  All certifications and training are provided.

First Steps Ministry

Our First Steps Ministry focuses on helping new Christians in their growth in the Lord with basic instruction that is critical to babes in Christ.  The ministry is also designed to assist new members in making their transition into the church ministry a smooth and productive one.

Home Mission

The Home Mission aids in the needs of humankind both inside and outside the church.  The main function is to share the word of God through personal experiences, video ministry, tape ministry, and the telephone ministry.

Media Ministry

Helps meet the spiritual needs of the members of the fellowship and surrounding communities through the production and distribution of audio cassettes, CD’s, and DVDs.  Tapes are usually available for purchase after service. CD’s and DVDs are made available upon request.  The media ministry also provides sound and video for our church services and other events.  Come join us and be trained to be a sound and/or video technician.

Mothers’ Ministry

The Mothers’ Ministry blesses the church by ministering to the needs of young and mature women in the church and community.

Prison Ministry

The Prison Ministry is an outgrowth of a conviction that the gospel of Jesus Christ must be shared with the entire world.  It is a reflection of the commitment of this church to influence the community around us.

Program Committee

The Program Committee assists with planning the annual church calendar and coordinating the various programs, activities, and events held or sponsored by the church.

Radio Ministry

The Radio Ministry provides its listeners with an understanding of God’s word and the need for salvation. The ministry’s aim is witnessing and reaching the unsaved as well as strengthening the believer and is broadcast on radio station WCKB 780 AM each Saturday at 3:00 – 3:30 p.m.

Recognition Committee

The Recognition Committee recognizes our guests during regular Sunday morning services as well as members of the church and community for acts of dedication and service.

Single’s Ministry

The Singles’ Ministry caters to adults over 18 who have never been married, are divorced, or are widowed. This ministry celebrates singleness and self-confidence in God through fellowship, encouragement, and study of God’s Word, proving each single person has a purpose in His kingdom that is simply unique.


The Transportation Ministry provides a van for transporting members and others who desire to attend church functions and who do not have their own transportation.

Trustee Ministry

The Trustee Ministry is dedicated to ensuring that the physical plant remains in good working order.  The trustees represent the church and serve as coordinators of modifications or improvements on the church campus.

Ushers’ Ministry

The Ushers’ Ministry assists or meets the temporal needs of people who attend services at the church.  The ushers assist with the orderly movement of worshipers at various times in the services held at the church.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is an extension of the Sunday School held during the month of June.  The dates are scheduled after public school has ended for the summer.  The school is designed to meet the needs of all ages.

Young People Christian League (YPCL)

The YPCL’s mission is to bring young people to Christ and build them up in faith.  The YPCL informs and trains young people in the functions of the church, offering various programs over the course of the year. The YPCL also sponsors youth retreats, Youth Day, and youth seminars.